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  • 2017
  • 2016
    • March
      • The murder in Glasgow of Asad Shah
        The murder in Glasgow of an Ahmadiyya shopkeeper, Asad Shah, is a watershed event, if as it appears, it was motivated by anti-Ahmadi sentiment. In certain respects it is as significant for British Muslims as the indiscriminate murder of Londoners by the 7/7 bombers. The reason is that while anti-A

    • February
      • Sectarian chickens flock home to roost, eggshell thin security cracking open.
        Yahya Birt has very properly raised serious concerns about what looks like a witch-hunt by the Ministry of Justice or at least by the media on the MOJ's behalf, against the majority of its own Muslim Prison Chaplains due to their Deobandi origins. Playing the sectarian card: Britain’s Ministr

  • 2015
    • November
      • Methodical terror in Paris and Brussells
        This website and its publications have claimed from the outset, that it is Muslims who are the intended victims of Al Qaeda and latterly ISIS. That is not in any way an attempt to divert sympathy and support from the all too numerous non-Muslims who have suffered, it is a statement about the strate

    • September
      • UK Mosque Statistics for 2015
        The Mosques Statistics report for 2015 has just been published on my website, at

        I have not yet completed the updated political-boundary-related data analysis; this will follow next month, insha'Allah. Also,

    • April
      • The Muslim Vote and Marginal Constituencies
        Can The Muslim vote upset any Westminster candidates?

        There are 36 Westminster constituencies where the 2010 election majority is less than the number of mosque spaces, by at least 1000, and another 17 where that number is at least 100. Mosque spaces do not equate to voters, or even, to

    • March
      • Why a comprehensive theological response to ISIS is desperately needed.
        Mehdi Hasan has published a critique of the article by Graeme Wood in the Atlantic ("What ISIS Really wants"), How Islamic is Islamic State? in the New Statesman this week, with the rhetorical implication that it is really not Islamic at all (Mehdi's byline, "The conventional wis

      • Anti-Semitism among UK Muslims
        I have been an active anti-racist campaigner all my adult life, on the streets against the National Front in the 1970s, on the ground in Apartheid South Africa, and right up to now. Since I entered Islam well over three decades ago, one thing that has stuck in my craw is the fact that anti-semitism

    • February
      • An important article about ISIS
        What ISIS Really Wants by Graeme Wood emphasises the millenarian worldview that ISIS has and its belief that it is positioned to precipitate apocalyptic events that very many Muslims will be familiar with. The article also gives examples of how ISIS uses methods of justifying its actions that will

      • Visit My Mosque: The unintended consequences of journalists’ power and influence.
        [I have updated this slightly, following news of Cathy Newman's apology and the revised understanding of events following publication of sequences of Streatham masjid's security video today, 12th February. I am pleased to say that little of the substance of my first entry requires change,

    • January
      • Al Qaeda sit back and gloat
        Now that a little time has passed on which to reflect on the Paris attacks, it seems clear to me that AQ have achieved, at minimal cost to themselves, one of their worst successes in a decade; indeed they achieved far more than they probably hoped for, confirmed by the massed rallies in Paris. This

      • Charlie Hebdo, Security and the MCB
        It is a self-evident fact that the twelve murders at the offices of 'Charlie Hebdo' today are an act of mind-numbing barbarity. It is awkward for the MCB that news of the attack coincided with the MCB's press release "Confront terrorism by backing freedom: ... re-think the Count

  • 2014
    • September
      • The Times: Out-of-touch imams can't halt terrorism, says advisor
        On 25th August I responded to an inquiry about UK Muslims and ISIS, from Laura Pitel, Political Correspondent at The Times. This resulted in a news article yesterday, 8th September, which used some of the material, but lacked any detail required to put in context of practical action. While what wa

    • August
      • A Government approved version of Islam?
        In today's Times, MPs Hazel Blears and Julian Lewis, both members of the Commons Security Committee, placed an editorial which expressed the need to address a number of issues to counter Muslim extremism. In such a medium, the detail necessarily absent, and indeed suggested that the details we

      • A radical proposal to involve youth in the Masjid
        A radical proposal to involve youth in the Masjid

        Much of what I have written on this site and elsewhere has been about opening up the masjid to make it plural across Muslim factions, accountable and transparently managed. While there is wide consensus that there is a pressing need

      • Letter to New Scientist
        I wrote a letter to New Scientist in response to an article published by ICSR's head, Prof Peter Neumann. They were kind enough to publish it, but inevitably edited it down and lost some vital meaning. Here is the full text:

        Reference - Spotting the Threat, 5 July 2014, Issue 2976

  • 2013
    • December
      • The murder of Lee Rigby
        Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale both came from respectable, middle class professional families, both from Nigeria and both were converts to Islam, in 2003 and circa 2009 respectively. Much has been and will be written about the dramatic elements of their stories in which they have been asso

      • Gender segregation advice U-turn
        Not only Gove but also Cameron now keen to stick one on Universities UK. "The [PM's] spokesman made clear that the PM wanted a ban on gender-segregated audiences on campus even where men and women voluntarily separated themselves. [... not sure that's quite how it was meant to sound

    • November
      • Google Maps version 3
        11/26/13 is currently transitioning to Google Maps version 3 and Google have now withdrawn version 2. Meanwhile there will be slight degradation of service compared with what you are used to. The map zoom is slower and the refresh of the view after zooming is also slower - it may take

      • Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the UK
        A ground-breaking, harrowing and challenging report into FGM was published yesterday at the House of Commons by the Royal Colleges of Midwifery, Nursing and Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the Unite union and Equality Now, Female genital mutilation/cutting: a statistical overview and exploration o

      • "Please change our masjid's 'Theme'" (or management, or both)
        From time to time I receive feedback from people anxious to make as clear as possible to me that they are authoritative representatives of the management committee of a masjid. They vary in tone from the conciliatory to the outraged, and they want me to change the Theme that I have attributed to th

    • October
      • Inclusive and Accessible Masjids
        I went to the London City Circle last night, for the first time in a couple of years, to their "Making Mosques Inclusive" discussion. I was somewhat disappointed insofar as the panel of liberal and inclusive presenters really didn't address the hard questions, who to include, who to

      • The beard
        Last week two Muslim boys were put in isolation at a Catholic school and ordered that they must return to school "clean" shaven. Coincidentally this weekend I made a trip to the Imperial War Museum with my daughter and we spent a lot of time in the Holocaust gallery there. There were man

    • September
      • Aylesbury, home of Samantha Lewthwaite
        Sherafiyah Lewthwaite, born Samantha, has been a figure much speculated upon in the last few days. She grew up in Aylesbury, where she married and lived with Abdullah Shaheed Jamal, Germaine Lindsay, one of the 7/7 bombers up to the morning of 7th July 2005. Coincidentally I was in Aylesbury this

      • The right to dress.
        Twice today news items surfaced whose import was to allow Muslims (and anyone else) to dress how they please. Birmingham Metropolitan College ended their ban on hoodies, hats, caps and veils after "more than 9,000 people signed an online petition set up by NUS Black Students' Campaign cal

      • Should EDL have been permitted to march where Moseley's Blackshirts marched?
        Last Saturday saw the EDL march over the River past the Tower, past its Traitor's Gate and then around the bankers' palaces of EC3, up to a stand-off with police outside Aldgate East Tube station, only to find the latter closed with no services stopping there (much like the routine experie

      • Why one in every five UK Muslim families uses this website.
        In 2013 it is now eight years since the website was launched in the summer of 2006. In Ramadhaan of 2013 the site had 165,000 visitors at the start of the fast and 165,000 again at the end of the fasting month, an astonishing performance. While many of you will have come back