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      • A Government approved version of Islam?
        In today's Times, MPs Hazel Blears and Julian Lewis, both members of the Commons Security Committee, placed an editorial which expressed the need to address a number of issues to counter Muslim extremism. In such a medium, the detail necessarily absent, and indeed suggested that the details we

      • A radical proposal to involve youth in the Masjid
        A radical proposal to involve youth in the Masjid

        Much of what I have written on this site and elsewhere has been about opening up the masjid to make it plural across Muslim factions, accountable and transparently managed. While there is wide consensus that there is a pressing need

      • Letter to New Scientist
        I wrote a letter to New Scientist in response to an article published by ICSR's head, Prof Peter Neumann. They were kind enough to publish it, but inevitably edited it down and lost some vital meaning. Here is the full text:

        Reference - Spotting the Threat, 5 July 2014, Issue 2976

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